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Our Learning

At Springdale children are offered a wide range of experiences not only in lesson time but throughout the school day as well as in extra-curricular activities. In this way, they access a wide ranging curriculum which allows them to succeed academically, to flourish in areas where they have particular talents, to become resilient, independent learners and to be well prepared as future citizens. 

Topic based learning 

Children learn best when they are interested, enthusiastic and can see the relevance of what they are learning. Through our topics, children have the chance to be creative, to enquire, explore and broaden their knowledge while learning and applying key English, Mathematics and Computing skills. 

Children don’t stay the same and neither do our topics! They are constantly evolving in response to the interests and needs of the children. 

Specialist teaching 

Making use of specialist teachers ensures that children have expert teaching in specific areas. At the moment these opportunities include specialist teaching in French, Music, Gymnastics, Games and Computing. 


There is always something exciting happening! Children love going on visits and welcoming visitors as part of their topics. Our gallery and news show some of the opportunities the children have had recently. 

Curriculum Maps and Medium Term Overview 

These give an outline of the learning for each year group over the forthcoming year. Further information can be found in the 'Curriculum Overview' section.

Positions of Responsibility 

As children move through the school, they take ever increasing responsibility for aspects of school life and the chance to impact on decisions and changes. Currently, children in Year 4 take on positions of responsibility as School Councilors, Digital Well-Being Leaders, Eco-Warriors, Junior Play Leaders and Streetwise (road safety) Leaders as well as being responsible for a range of tasks across school.