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Friends of Springdale

The ‘Friends of Springdale’ is a group that supports the school by helping to arrange social and fundraising events. All parents and close relatives are very welcome to be a part of this team.

Early in the academic year, we invite all to attend a meeting to plan fundraising and social events. Parents and staff then liaise to prepare specific events throughout the year.

Each year, the contribution from parents sharing their wealth of expertise, wide range of experience and valuable time, enables us to raise considerable funds for the school, and we are therefore keen to receive the support of as many parents as possible.

Funds raised go towards many aspects of school life and the children’s learning including:

-  ICT equipment

-  Improving play areas

-  New books

-  Equipment to support learning through topics

-  Subsidising enrichment activities

There are a wide range of ways for parents to help in planning, publicising, preparing for and running events.

The school runs a fundraising lottery which is open to anyone in the community

If you missed the initial meetings at the beginning of the year, you are always welcome to enquire in the office about helping out. You can join the ‘Friends of Springdale’ anytime during the year and can find out from Newsletters, Bulletins and the Event Calendar about any upcoming events.

You can also like our Facebook page to be kept informed: