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Springdale First School Governing Body Overview
Hamwic Education Trust 

Springdale First School is an academy that is part of the Hillary Partnership within Hamwic Education Trust, a multi-academy trust. For more information about Hamwic Education Trust, including contact details, please see the Hamwic Education Trust page of our school website Springdale First School - Hamwic Education Trust   or visit  

The Board of Trustees at Hamwic Education Trust is accountable for governance at Springdale First School but has established a Local Governing Body [LGB] to which it delegates specific governance functions as outlined in the Scheme of Delegation. For information about governance at Hamwic Education Trust, please use the following link: Governance | Hamwic Education Trust | Multi-academy Trust 

Local Governing Body 

At Springdale First School. Our Local Governing Body is made up of 9 governors in total, including the Headteacher: 

Two Parent Governors:   

Miss L Hocking, Mrs M Lewis  

One Staff Governor:   

Mrs A-M Lawrence   

Five Co-opted Governors:   

Mrs H Heydon, Vacancy, Vacancy, Vacancy, Vacancy 

Chair of Governors:  Miss Lucy Hocking, Springdale First School, Springdale Road, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 9BW  


Vice Chair of Governors: Mrs M Lewis  

The Governors are a vital part of the school partnership, working together for the benefit of the children and the effective running of the school. We work closely with teachers, non-teaching staff and parents to provide the best possible education for the children of Springdale.   

OfSTED (2013) recognised the outstanding contribution that our dedicated and hard-working governors make to the school. Governors are often in school and participate in school life.   

Our Governing Body has a strong focus on three core strategic functions within Springdale:   

· Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos & strategic direction   

· Holding our headteacher to account for the educational performance of Springdale & its pupils   

· Overseeing the financial performance of Springdale & making sure its money is well spent   

In order to meet these criteria, used by Ofsted to judge the effectiveness of governance at Springdale, we constantly:   

· Evaluate our performance and best practice   

· Challenge and support   

· Make necessary changes to improve effectiveness   

To ensure we focus as a team on our core functions we operate through   

· A Teaching & Learning Forum   

· Key Governor Roles   

· Committees   

Teaching & Learning Forum   

Governors: Mrs H Heydon, Mrs A-M Lawrence, Mrs M Lewis, Miss L Hocking, Miss D Budden, 

Teaching & Learning Forum’s primary role is to take delegated responsibility for the Governing Body in relation to the quality of teaching and learning for cross curriculum subjects and all matters in relation to pupils learning.   

The Forum monitors on behalf of the Governing Body how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced, hence holding the headteacher to account for educational performance of the school, and its pupils.   

The schedule for this forum is based around termly workshops and formal meetings with governors meeting where applicable with Senior Leadership Team members and Subject Matter Experts (SME).   

Key Governor Roles   

Business Governor (Miss L Hocking)   

On behalf of the governing body the Business Governor works closely with the School Business Manager to ensure effective financial oversight of the school’s finance and human resources, informing the FGB on a termly basis via the FGB Committee.   

Safeguarding Governor (Mrs H Heydon)   

On behalf of the governing body the Safeguarding Governor works closely with the school’s dedicated safeguarding lead (DSL) to ensure effective process is in place for the early identification of any welfare concerns about a child, additional needs they might have, indicators of possible abuse, neglect or other safeguarding concerns. Coupled with close monitoring of HET audits and action plans and informing the FGB on a termly basis via the FGB Committee.   

Health & Safety Governor (Vacancy – Caretaken by Miss L Hocking)   

On behalf of the governing body the Health & Safety Governor works closely with the Site Manager to ensure staff, pupils & volunteers are not exposed to unacceptable risks by monitoring HET audits, action plans and educational visit risk assessments, informing the FGB on a termly basis.   

Inclusion Governors (Including SEND) (Mrs M Lewis and Mrs H Heydon)    

The Inclusion Governors gain specific oversight of the school’s arrangements for all children identified as vulnerable. Key to the role is building a good working relationship with the Inclusion Lead (SENCo) to understand how funding is being used & in particular what impact this is having on the pupils who receive it, in order that their achievements are at least in line with their peers.    

The Inclusion Governors monitor action plans and inform the FGB on a termly basis via the FGB Committee.    

Staffing and Recruitment Governors (Miss L Hocking and Mrs H Heydon)   

The Staffing and Recruitment Governors work closely with the Headteacher and SLT to ensure there is a strategic staff structure in place, which considers succession planning. This role also collaborates with the Business Governor and School Business Manager to ensure HR and Financial elements are considered in the decision process, informing the FGB via the FGB Committee as required.   

IT Governor (vacancy)   

On behalf of the governing body, the IT Governor ensures that the school has the right measures in place to keep our children safe from online exploitation and radicalisation, and that the school is fulfilling its safeguarding duty in this area.   

EYFS Governor (Mrs M Lewis)   

On behalf of the governing body, the Early Years Foundation (EYFS) Governor should develop a supporting relationship with the EYFS Lead to gather an understanding of the curriculum, best practice and development plans in place for this provision.   


The following committees are formed on an as and when required basis and in accordance with the Governing Body’s Terms of Reference and Membership with the exception of the Full Governing Body Committee:   

Executive, Pay Review, Pay Review Appeals, Pupil Discipline, Staff Dismissal, Staff Dismissal Appeals, Full Governing Body (Meeting at least once termly)   

For an overview of the current structure of the LGB together with business interest declarations and meeting attendance logs, please see the pages to the right.  

If you have any questions or wish to talk to a member of the governing body then please liaise through our Clerk to the Governors, via the school office (01202 692700) or by email   

Minutes from each meeting once agreed and signed off (usually the term following the meeting) are available via email upon request from the Clerk to the Governors: