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Mental Health & Wellbeing

What is mental health?   See the source image
  • We all have mental health.  Mental health is about our feelings, our emotions and our moods.  Looking after our mental health is important.
  • We all have small feelings every day.  These sometimes feel strong and overwhelming whether happy or sad, but they go away before too long.
  • Sometimes we experience big feelings.  These feel strong and overwhelming for a long time.  They stop us doing what we want to do in our lives. 

At Springdale First School, we want all children to have the best possible start in life.  Encouraging children to understand and be open about their feelings can give them the skills to cope with the ups and downs that life will throw at them as they grow up. 

In support of the ‘You’re never too young to talk mental health’ campaign, all staff at Springdale First School will endeavour to;

  1. Make conversations about mental health a normal part of school life.
  2. Give our full attention to every child.
  3. Check our body language ensuring we are open and relaxed.
  4. Take it seriously.
  5. Ask open questions.
  6. Calmly stay with the feelings that arise and not steer away from the difficult emotions.
  7. Offer empathy rather than solutions.
  8. Remember we are all different.
  9. Look for clues about feelings.
BCP Navigator

We are very pleased to say that we now have a BCP Navigator working with us to help and support you as parents, carers and families. Please click here for more information on this service provided by BCP council. Our Navigator will be working alongside school and offer support to children, parents and their families in many different areas including behaviour, managing anxiety, diet and sleep.

Please find below some resources which you may find helpful;

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