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Whole School & Class News

Mayor Visit 


On Monday 18th of March, we were honoured to welcome Bournemouth Mayor Anne Filer and her Mace Bearer, Jeff Brown for a visit to our school.  The whole school were honoured by an assembly. 

Mr Brown talked to the children about the different ways mayors used to try to collect money from the towns people.  He brought artefacts from hundreds of years ago, demonstrating very unusual ways of clobbering people on the head.  The children really enjoyed seeing the artefacts, especially when Mr Brown demonstrated on Miss Budden!

Mayoress Anne Filer, sat down for a discussion with the School Council. The children spoke confidently asking questions and learned a lot about the Mayor’s role.  Her favourite spot in Poole is Poole Quay and she takes the role of thanking countless volunteers throughout the community, very seriously. The Mayoress and Mace bearer were impressed with the whole school and the behaviour of all the children at Springdale.

The children were left inspired as Mayoress Anne Filer explained how she became mayor and some of the changes she had campaigned for in the local area.