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Growing Writers at Springdale First School

As staff, we have discussed the skills and attributes we would like our learners to have developed by the time they leave Springdale. Through the course of their writing journey, with us, we would like all our pupils to…

· Demonstrate our school PRIDE values, particularly being Resilient, Independent, Enthusiastic whilst always striving for Excellence. We do not want them to ‘play it safe’ we want them to be brave, adventurous and creative in their pursuit of excellence

· Develop a neat, legible and effortless handwriting style that does not hinder their creative flow

· Be willing to have a go, using their growth mindset to embrace a marvellous mistake and use the learning opportunity it generates

· Have flair, so they are able to consider the effect on the reader and tie these elements together cohesively

· Be able to articulate their ideas clearly and effectively

· Use their rich reading diet to inspire their own work, particularly through the language they learn and subsequent word choices they make

· Accurately using the spelling rules and grammatical features they have been taught to ensure their writing is engaging and detailed

· To have a good understanding of the different features of the genres they have been taught so they continue their learning journey equipped to apply these skills in all curriculum areas

· Have developed stamina to sustain a good standard throughout an extended piece of writing

· Love writing!